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Have Your Eating Habits at Night Been Keeping You From Losing Weight? Or Causing Weight Gain?



A FREE 5-Day Hypnosis-Based Process

Master your eating at night so you can release weight easily… 

This Hypno-Course is designed to:

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Help you break free of persistent night snacking habits.


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Shift your focus from food to true relaxation at night.



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Eliminate subconscious roadblocks that keep you from success.

Deidre Stevens says...

"I loved Lights Out on Night Eating! The hypnosis and meditations were so powerful. Each day I got a great, info-packed coaching email from Rita that gave me all the tools I needed to win. I have now released 20 pounds in the last two months and I am so happy and proud!"

When You Finish the Night Eating Course,

You Will...

  • Have new, slimming night time habits
  • Be on your way to losing weight consistently
  • Feel more confident and proud of yourself!

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