Use Hypnosis to SHIFT Your Mindset and Finally Release Weight for Good!

Break free from the painful dieting cycle and lose weight long term. Remove the mental roadblocks that keep you struggling using my proven process.


Let me guess...

> You’re frustrated because you know exactly what to do to lose weight but you can’t seem to stay consistent in the long term-you always go back

You get mad at yourself because even though you can get in a “good” zone where you are eating clean and exercising, you get side tracked and fall into the old “bad behaviors

You start off strong with breakfast and lunch, but then you struggle at the end of the day with self-control, undoing all the good you did earlier

You secretly wonder if there is something wrong with you because despite your serious weight loss efforts, there is this other part of you that self-sabotages

> You are afraid you are always going to be stuck in this on-or-off-good-or-bad-all-or-nothing weight struggle with yourself

Trust me, I’ve been there too!

Before I was a leading weight loss hypnotherapist and best-selling author helping thousands of people achieve their ideal weight for the last 20 years…

...I struggled up and down the scale 40 pounds from the age of 8 into my early 30's. I went on every diet, did every exercise regimen and I could lose weight...but I always put it back on and then some...feeling more humiliated and defeated every time.

This struggle ruled my entire life. I thought about my weight constantly. I constantly thought about food and what I could or couldn’t eat.. If I dieted I usually felt deprived and fantasized about all the food I couldn’t eat...

I hated myself for feeling so out of control…

Maybe you can relate?? Maybe you feel stuck in that same struggle?


...the problem I had and the problem that you have currently…ISN’T YOUR FAULT!!!


Our mind is divided in two, the conscious and the subconscious.

Our conscious mind is the logical mind and always wants to lose weight, because it knows we would be healthier and feel better.

Our subconscious mind is where all of our old habits and beliefs and primal instincts are stored. This part of the brain is literally wired to keep us doing the same behaviors over and over-no matter what our conscious mind wants!

So the key to changing your weight permanently isn't about's about MINDPOWER!


How hypnosis helps us shift our thinking and our weight...

Hypnosis is a relaxed mind state that allows the subconscious mind to be more open to suggestions. That allows changes in old beliefs and old habits to occur so that you can make changes quickly and achieve your goals.

I stopped a pack-and-a-half a day smoking habit in one session with hypnosis. That is how powerful hypnosis can be. I said to myself, “let me see how I can apply this to weight?”


Weight Struggler

My own shift...

I used hypnosis to help change my “fat thinking” habits into “thin thinking” habits that I learned from over 200 case studies of people who had lost weight and kept it off long term.

I released 40 pounds over 9 months and have kept it off for over 24 years!

I created my hypnosis-based weight loss process based on my own success. And over the last 20 years, thousands of people from all over the world have used The Shift Weight Mastery Process to release weight for good and find freedom at their ideal weight.

Weight Master


Imagine how it would feel…

+ To finally be in control of your weight loss

+ To not feel like you are a victim of your old impulses and eating habits

+ To enjoy eating in a way you love while still maintaining your ideal weight

+ To feel inspired to be consistent with exercise and the things that make you feel good

+ To wake up every morning and go to the closet and pick out any outfit that you want, and know it'll fit you because your weight stays the same (your ideal weight)

+ To be an inspiration to your friends, family and co-workers with your powerful transformation

Well guess what, now you can with...

The Self-Guided
Shift Weight Mastery Process

An Online Hypnosis-Based

30-Day Weight Transformation Program

The Shift uses the powerful mental tools of:

Cognitive Coaching

To Break YOU FREE from the Weight Struggle Cycle

In a cutting edge 30-day process that allows you to break free from the subconscious beliefs and habits that keep you struggling and gives you the ability to release weight consistently and long-term.


Hey there, 

Are you ready to finally change your relationship with food, your body and yourself? Are you over feeling frustrated and demeaned by the part of you that always wants to sabotage your best efforts? Are you ready to shift your mind so that you can be in charge of your weight loss and finally get the long-lasting results you deserve?

The Shift Weight Mastery Process starts with the premise that long term change doesn’t begin on the plate or at the gym but in your mind.

We believe in giving your mind the shift it needs to stay focused and consistent on your long-term weight loss journey. You don’t need more willpower–this is about you using your mind in a powerful way to truly let go of not only the weight but the limiting beliefs and habits that have kept you going back to the same frustrating place.

You have all you need within you now to live life at your ideal weight. 

The Shift Weight Mastery process helps you unleash that powerful Weight Master within so that losing weight can be a joyful and transformational experience.

Make the decision to start your Shift now…


"If you had asked me 4 months ago if I thought I would be 31 lbs lighter I would have said "impossible". The morning meditations each day helped to set my focus for the day before I even got out of bed. The hypnosis gave me time in my day to focus on me and reflect on why I choose to eat during stressful times.

The program has taught me a nice blend of mindfulness and cognitive reflection that I practice in the toughest of moments when I am reaching for food I don't need."

-Siobhan, Released 40 pounds with Shift and has maintained for over a year

"In July it was 2 years since I started this journey and I have maintained my weight release of 40 pounds within 4 pounds of a fluctuation-(that is a world record for me). Your program is the only one that EVER worked for me. I am confident I will keep it off for the first time in my life..."

-Donna Lang, Released 40 pounds with Shift and has maintained for 4 years

Here's how the Self-Guided Shift Weight Mastery Online Process will happen...

Upon Enrolling You Will Immediately Receive:

A Welcome Letter


Access to your Shift Program Online Course Portal (1-Year Long Membership)

An Orientation Video and Online Program Tour Video that Takes You Through Everything Step-by-Step

How the Self-Guided Shift Weight Mastery Process Works:

You will begin with a Pre-Shift Preparation Process that gets you ready for your 30-Day "Shift". You can do this in your own time frame—taking as little or as much as you need.

You will then begin (on a date you choose) the 4-Part Shift Process that unfolds over a 30-day period.
Each day contains
1) Morning meditation
2) Daily cognitive coaching
3) Hypnosis (evening).

To start you on a powerful journey, removing the mental barriers that keep you struggling and moving you towards long-term consistent weight release and mastery.

The Online Shift Weight Mastery Process Delivers...

Daily Audio Hypnosis & Morning Meditation

To break fat thinking habits and beliefs & create thin thinking habits and beliefs.

Daily Audio & Written Coaching

Immerses you in the lifestyle skillset of long-term weight masters.

Daily Live Support in Facebook Group

Rita and other shift master coaches will be in our Facebook group supporting you through the process.


Daily Live Support in the Shift Process Facebook Group

Even though you will be going through the process at your own pace--you never have to Shift alone. Rita and other shift master coaches will be in the Shift Process Facebook group supporting you through the process. Find community, support and get answers to your questions and guidance through challenges. Alone we diet--together we Shift.

The Shift Process Kick-Off Process

This is a recording of our live onboarding online event that we do at the beginning of each Shift Weight Mastery Process. This includes a lot of great inspiration and motivation and a deep dive explanation into the course. It’s a great way to get your mind in the right place to start Shifting!

Carb Savvy Process

Break out of the addiction trap with sugar and refined carbs. This 2.5 hour recorded workshop from our LIVE Process will take you through:
•   why you have been struggling with carbs
•   how to break free
•   how to create a relationship with carbs where you are in control

This workshop contains a hypnosis session.

Recorded Q and A Process Coaching Sessions

Enjoy additional coaching sessions based on questions that other participants in the Shift Weight Mastery Process have encountered. Each week you will receive the right answer to the questions that are coming up for you in these pre-corded meetings from a LIVE Shift.

Consistency Workshop

This recording of a live workshop walks you through Rita Black Consistency Cascade System that will allow you to set yourself up to continue your weight release after your Shift 30-Day Process.




One FREE enrollment into the LIVE Shift Weight Mastery Process

When you enroll, you will get a FREE access to a LIVE Shift Weight Mastery Process led by Rita Black.


Your Daily Shift Process meditations, coaching, and hypnosis are now in an easy to access and use format--all at the touch of a finger.

By the end of the process you will feel like…

+ You are finally in control of your weight loss

+ You are not a victim of your old impulses and eating habits

+ You are able to enjoy eating in a way you love that allows you to stay your ideal weight

+ You are inspired to be consistent with exercise and the things that make you feel good

+ You are able to wake up every morning and go to the closet and pick out any outfit that you want, and know it'll fit you because your weight stays the same-your ideal weight

+ You are an inspiration to your friends, family and co-workers with your powerful transformation

"I wasn’t sure I could be hypnotized. But I learned that the way the process works is that over 30 days your mind opens more and more to the suggestions. It wasn’t mind control but I felt like the sessions put me in control of my eating and my life."

-Mike S. Released 66 pounds -maintenance 18 months

"I have battled the yo-yo weight loss process throughout my life. I knew what I had to do, but my mind didn't want to cooperate. I needed that extra help; that's when I connected with Rita and the Shift process. Shift has definitely helped me to focus on what is good for me, my health and my future. I am now using this process to maintain my goal weight. I highly recommend it to anyone who asks me how I have been so successful. I love Shift!!"

-Vilma Louzan, down 50 pounds and at ideal weight 2 years-6 months

"Since beginning the Shift with Rita Black, I have found new freedom and empowerment that I never knew existed! My relationship with food, particularly with carbs and sugar has changed dramatically. I feel comfortable leaving food on my plate, even the "good stuff," like dessert. I have released 89.5 pounds so far!"

-Shelley, Has released 105 pounds with Shift

Here's what you get...

15 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 15-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee means that if you go through the entire program and aren't satisfied, you can receive a full refund.

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